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Search Boxes

Create A Basic Affiliate Search Box

To implement a custom PhoneDetective search box on your website you'll need to have a ClickBank Affiliate ID (also known as Nickname), and optionally a ClickBank Tracking ID (TID). If you don't have a ClickBank account, click here to signup.

What It Looks Like:

ex: 555-555-5555

Sample Code:


  • Copy and paste the code above into your webpage
  • Replace NICKNAME with your ClickBank Affiliate ID / Nickname
  • Replace TID with your ClickBank Tracking ID or leave blank.
  • Stylize using CSS to match your website

Custom Search Buttons



  • Right click on the button image you'd like to use and save to your computer
  • Replace this: <input type="submit" value="Search!" />
  • With this: <input type="image" src="search-127x34.gif" alt="Search!" />


If you have questions, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions first. If you can't find what you're looking for, use our Contact Us form to send a message directly to our affiliate manager.